Retail Associates announce the launch of Paypod™

29th January 2019

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that Retail Associates in partnership with CPI, have launched Paypod™ the future of payment automation.

We have a proud heritage of providing high-quality cost-effective solutions for businesses within the retail sector, and Paypod™ is the latest product to reflect our dedication to new and innovative solutions.

By combining three highly-engineered technologies into one easy-to-install system, Paypod™ is able to deliver the ultimate ease in payment automation.

A single unit houses a coin and note recycler that interface with POSlinq™ software to instantaneously connect with any Windows® point-of-sale system.

This new product allows businesses to minimise the amount of time employees need to handle cash, allowing your employees to put all their focus on enhancing the reputation of your business, by delivering the highest possible levels of customer service.

Working in partnership with CPI we can offer Paypod™ Hybrid which affords the ultimate ease of installation, alternatively, we can also offer Paypod™ Embedded, allowing you to maximise your counter space.

If you’re ready to position your business for the future by utilising the unique capabilities of Paypod™, get in touch with our team today by calling 01925 419 109.

Paypod™ computer gnerated image

Paypod™ Embedded

Paypod™ Hybrid computer generated image

Paypod™ Hybrid