Benefits of Turnstiles, Entrance Gates and Speed Lanes in retail and office space

18th January 2023

At Retail Associates, we offer turnstiles and gates in addition to servicing solutions. If you have been considering purchasing gates and turnstiles for your business in retail or office spaces, here’s how they could benefit you.

Security is a rising concern for businesses across all industries and business owners are starting to recognise the importance of safety. Physical security plays a large part in doing this and turnstiles are one of the best options for offices and retail as they can help to keep both employees and customers safe.


Turnstiles offer both security and style to your business’s entry and exit management system, streamlining the entrance and exit process and ensuring that the appearance of your facilities is enhanced rather than compromised. Better security can benefit businesses in retail and office spaces.

For most businesses it is important to know who is going in and out of the building, turnstiles are a highly effective security measure. Often, the first point of access into a building is through a door. Adding a card or biometric reader and electric locks to the door is a standard technique for securing the facility and while a valid credential may still be required to unlock the door, the reader and lock have no control over how long the door is open or how many people enter.

Therefore, by installing a turnstile access control system you can be confident that only authorised staff or visitors are entering the building. The turnstiles can be configured to stay locked until proper credentials are presented and to lock again as soon as the authorised person has entered.

For additional security pedestrian speed lanes and entrance gates are an effective way to ensure that your premises is safe and secure. Pedestrian speed lanes provide additional security elements that can improve your businesses safety while also complementing its aesthetic.

Security entrance and exit gates can be particularly useful for businesses in retail to efficiently guide customers inside the store, minimise losses, and reduce backflow.

Entrance turnstiles and gates

Controlled Access

Turnstiles can be used to further enforce the security within a building by controlling who gains access. They can be programmed to govern who can enter a building and when. This provides outstanding access control at entrances and provides business owners with peace of mind. Turnstiles can be used to control access in certain parts of a business so that only those that are authorised can enter.

The regulated flow of people

For businesses in retail that want to continue implementing some form of social distancing, turnstiles are effective in regulating the flow of people in and out of the building. For example, if there is a maximum capacity of 50 in your building, the turnstile can be set to turn off after 50 people have entered.

Another effective way to regulate the flow of people in and out of an office building is by installing speed lanes and entrance gates. They provide high levels of security, operational speed, and anti-tailgating advantages. Speed lanes can be used side by side or alongside turnstiles or entrance gates to create a smoother flow of traffic for entrances that are particularly busy.

Each of the speed lanes that we offer are made with high-quality materials and designed with the latest technologies to ensure that it is reliable and fit for purpose not just during construction but for many years to come.