Full Height Turnstiles

Here at Retail Associates, we offer a diverse range of security turnstile solutions. We are excited to introduce our latest addition to the product range – Full Height Turnstiles designed for external use. This type of turnstile is ideal for settings where control of footfall is paramount.

Mainly used to lock down the perimeters of enclosed outside areas, our Full Height Security Turnstile ensures single-user throughput and is extremely weather-resistant. Whether you manage a public building or an entertainment venue, prioritising security is paramount. Efficient visitor flow is also crucial. Our turnstiles provide a complete solution for access control and crowd management and are used by many types of organisations. A Full Height Turnstile is an excellent deterrent to protect against unauthorised individuals. You can link our turnstiles to any access control system, token system, coin fee-paid entry system and other external operating devices.

Full Height Turnstile Feature Set

Our security turnstile range has a solenoid-operated mechanism mounted in the fully enclosed overhead structure. This allows the customer to configure the unit for bi-directional or single-directional operation. The control system allows connection to any access control system or a fire alarm to provide free rotation in the event of an alarm. The turnstile features a 120° three-rotor design, providing maximum space for pedestrian transit. 


Housed in a lockable overhead enclosure, the PLC controlled bi-directional mechanism allows one passage per activation. The gate may be locked or set to free movement in either direction.


Full Height Turnstiles are powder coated in any standard RAL colour at no additional charge and you can even specify the rotor in a contrasting colour to the frame. LED Backlit logos can be water jet cut to the overhead enclosure at additional cost.


Small mounting plates are fitted as standard to fit most proximity readers. We can usually adapt mountings to support fixed intercoms or larger items.


The frame and rotor are fully welded heavy-duty steel components for maximum strength and longevity. The rotor pivots on a sealed roller bearing. The rotor arms are 40mm long and arranged in a 120° configuration for easy pedestrian access.

Full Height Turnstile installation and maintenance

At Retail Associates, we take pride in offering unparalleled installation and maintenance services for Full Height Turnstiles, catering to various sectors, including hospitality, schools, data centres and public buildings. Our experts ensure quick and efficient turnstile installation, minimising the impact on your business.

To learn more about our Full Height Turnstile prices and ongoing maintenance service, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. Call 01925 419 109 or fill out an enquiry form to see how we can help with a free, no-obligation consultation and quote. Our friendly team will be happy to help.

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Full Height Turnstiles for Public Buildings

Our Full Height Pedestrian Turnstiles enhance external security before entering the building. You can use them for staff-controlled entry into your workplace or to manage visitor access. Full Height Turnstiles effectively minimise tailgating and gate-vaulting, preventing unauthorised access to your premises.

Full Height Turnstile Gates for Sports Stadiums, Arenas and Theme Parks

Our turnstiles offer an excellent solution for organisations in the leisure and entertainment sector. They help ensure the safety of all attendees, including your employees. The high-security turnstiles establish an orderly flow and prevent tailgating. They streamline the movement from the car park to your stadium or theme park. This controlled and monitored flow significantly enhances security.

Durable Full Height Turnstiles

A Full Height Turnstile comprises a cylindrical cage and a revolving central column. Our turnstiles are available in single or double configurations and stand at a height of 2.23m. The turnstiles have been designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and are constructed to the highest quality standards with heavy-duty steel components to ensure maximum strength and longevity. They also have small mounting plates fitted as standard, enabling you to fit proximity readers as needed. A Full Height Turnstile is attractive and economically priced. It is designed to provide effective pedestrian access control to any high-traffic location.

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