IT Display Equipment

 – chip and pin holders, POS solutions

The new generation of touch screen keyboards has brought many advantages to checkout operation. It is important that the design, location and fitting of this equipment are optimised to bring the maximum benefit to both operator and customer service.

Retail Associates can offer the correct design solution to fit IT display equipment to all types of checkouts to ensure the positioning/fitting will compliment the EPOS advantages.

Chip & pin holders

An essential piece of equipment for all checkouts that must be sited and fitted to give the best ergonomic solution for both the operator and the customer.

Retail Associates have designed and fitted many chip & pin solutions onto existing checkouts and have a vast experience to ensure the design is correct and full advantage is achieved.

POS solutions

The checkout can be an important sales area that can generate much addition turnover through impulse buying. The range of products on display at the checkout can make POS solutions as important as the checkout itself and Retail Associates are highly skilled in providing selling solutions to compliment all types of checkouts.