Cash Handling Equipment

Retail Associates are able to supply and fit most popular makes of cash drawer to any of our own new checkouts or as part of an equipment change to UK and European manufactured checkouts.

Cash Drawers are also available as a standalone supply only or supply and fit accessory.

Cash Storage Devices

We can supply and fit all types of cash storage devices to UK and European manufactured checkouts. We are also able to adapt checkout designs to install electronic cash storage equipment.


Checkout Safe

Checkout safes are the low-cost solution to dealing with checkout cash and it’s a low-cost alternative to air vacuum systems to handle excess cash from the checkout cash drawer.

The safe is securely bolted to the floor inside the checkout and has an easy to access, but secure post-box into which the checkout operator can deposit cash wallets at any time.

The safe door is fitted with a high security lock with full choice of key combinations and the safe capacity is large enough to facilitate quiet or after trading hours emptying to minimise risk. The safe is simple, but effective and requires no ongoing maintenance or service.