Road Blockers

Road blockers are the perfect solution to prevent unwanted vehicle access. A rising kerb will deter the most determined intruder. Designed for continuous and frequent use, rising kerbs are usually made from a hollow steel frame. They can sit flush with the road surface when not in use but rise and prevent access to unauthorised vehicles when needed. They are ideal for use in areas where entry and exit prevention is essential but you must keep vehicle congestion to a minimum.

The Retail Associates range of automatic rising kerbs is built for its stopping power and adds higher security to any premises. Customers can use road blockers with our SpeedPro and Secure Pro Automatic Security Gates and car park barriers. (link to referenced product pages). 

Reliable Road Blockers

The automatic road blocker  is the latest addition to our high-security road blocker product range. It offers a dependable solution for preventing unwanted vehicle access. Retail Associates offer widths from 2 to 5 metres with lift heights of 340mm, 500mm or 800mm. If your location is wider than our standard kerb sizes, you can install two units next to each other. They will have linked controls to operate at the same time. 

Our rising kerbs are perfect for use within car manufacturing plants, car parks, dealership forecourts, restricted access routes, government buildings, shopping centres and hotels. They are suitable for both unmanned and manned car parks.

Automatic Rising Kerb Feature Set

Manufactured from a welded hollow steel section frame and 8mm durbar top plate, our road blockers and rising kerbs feature a hydraulic power pack and drive ram system to smoothly raise and lower the unit. The side of the blockers are “tanked” with sheet steel. This construction allows the complete units to be lowered into excavated foundations. This can then be backfilled with concrete, reducing on-site time and installation costs.

An advanced programmable logic controller coordinates the road blocker’s hydraulics. It also controls the access control and traffic light signalling system. Our trusted hydraulic technology and high-quality component selection ensure our rising kerbs have a long, durable life and minimal maintenance. Retail Associates can also incorporate an emergency lowering facility in case of power failure. A selection of access control options are available, including proximity card, radio, token, keypad and intercom. Combined with induction loop or photocell safety and close facilities, these ensure the rising kerbs open and close smoothly on each activation.


Controlled by a Schneider PLC system with inverter, all pre-wired and factory tested for connection to your mains power supply.

Visual Deterrent

A road blocker is the ultimate barrier, its striking appearance deters unwanted vehicle access. The rising kerb is powder-coated in high visibility yellow with black chevrons, ensuring they are easily visible whenever they are raised. Customers typically place road blockers like rising kerbs behind swing or sliding security gates for ultimate protection.

Variable lift heights

Not all premises have the same level of security requirements. That’s why our automatic rising kerb barriers come with various lift heights.

  • 340mm — Suitable for cars and vans and ideal for the majority of business sites
  • 500mm — Best for sites with moderate to high level security needs, the 500mm can stop large vans, even at high speeds
  • 800mm — For ultimate security, the 800mm rise has unrivalled stopping power, capable of stopping trucks in their tracks

Blocker drive

Hydraulic system with inverter-driven three phase pump and fast operation of 2-8 seconds depending on rising kerb model


The rising element is powder coated in high-visibility yellow with black chevrons to the attack face. The lower framework is fully hot dip galvanised after fabrication.

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Automatic rising kerb barrier – supply and install

Here at Retail Associates, we ensure that all our products are reliable and manufactured to the highest standards. We’re proud to offer a full installation service. Our professional team will come to your site to install your automatic road blocker  with minimal disruption. We’ll even provide a complete handover advising exactly how to use and maintain your rising road blocker kerbs for the future. If you’re looking for a rising kerb or road blocker to work alone or sit alongside your security gates or barriers, we can help build a secure entrance and exit to your site.

Advantages of Road Blockers 

Enhanced Security and Efficient Traffic Management with Road Blockers 

Retail Associate’s innovative rising kerbs offer a comprehensive solution for restricting traffic flow and enhancing security within premises. These versatile systems provide a cost-effective, automated and discreet approach to perimeter protection, making them ideal for a wide range of applications.

5 Key Advantages of Road Blockers:

  1. Cost-effectiveness: Unlike larger access control systems like barriers and gates, rising kerbs incur significantly lower maintenance costs due to their robust construction and simple design. This makes them an economical choice for business.
  2. Enhanced Traffic Control: These automatic solutions can seamlessly integrate with other traffic systems. This enables orderly and controlled traffic flow.
  3. Subtle and Discreet Design: Unlike bulky industrial security barriers and gates, road blockers such as rising kerbs blend seamlessly into their surroundings. Designed to lie flush with the ground when not in use, they maintain a discreet presence.
  4. Customisable Aesthetics: Retail Associates provide a range of customisation options. Choose from various sizes, colours and finishes to match your brand identity.
  5. Rising kerbs operate fully automatically: This reduces the need for manual intervention and cuts operation costs. An automated operation ensures reliable performance, minimal downtime and fewer security concerns. 

Rising kerb road blockers are the perfect solution for enhancing security and deterring unauthorised vehicle access. Their versatility, durability, and ability to seamlessly integrate into various settings make them an ideal choice for many applications. Organisations can prioritise security by opting for rising kerb road blockers while maintaining a safe and accessible environment for all.

Get in touch with us today to learn more and explore how our road blocker range can help with your access control. Call us on 01925 419 109 or fill out our simple enquiry form today, and a member of our friendly team will be in touch.

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