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Retail checkout accessories and spares

A modern store front end may contain a large number of accessories fitted to checkouts, kiosks and other equipment. Retail Associates has a comprehensive stock of many accessories that form part of the manufacture of our own checkouts or are part of our maintenance packages covering UK and European checkouts.

We can supply a large range of spares & accessories from stock for most current items fitted to UK front of house operations on checkouts, kiosks and customer service equipment. We also manufacture bespoke items for obsolete equipment.

‘Out of manufacture’ accessories can be supplied using our design capabilities to survey and prepare replacement specification for re-working, or existing designs can be adapted to provide a cost effective solution to keep older but serviceable equipment working.

Whatever the requirement, from entrance gates to checkouts, kiosks to customer service desks, sweet stands to security podia; Retail Associates will have a solution to meet your requirements.