Pedestrian Speed Lanes

Ensuring your premises is safe and secure is the priority for any venue, whether it be for commercial, entertainment or leisure use, speed lanes offer enhanced security features that can improve both the safety of your premises as well as complement its aesthetic.

Speed Lanes for Offices

Looking to maintain the integrity and security of your office premises and searching for a way to accurately monitor and control the flow of both staff and external visitors into your office space? Our pedestrian speed gates ensure that tail-gaiting becomes a thing of the past and that no one will gain unauthorised entry to your office space.

RG100 Speed Lane

Speed Lanes for Sports, Leisure and Entertainment Venues

Organisation and suitable control of visitor flow is key to ensuring the safety of all those who attend events.

Our speed lanes provide the perfect solution for venues hosting sporting, leisure or entertainment events such as live music concerts to manage the smooth and easy control of those in attendance, helping you to avoid unwanted outcomes including tailgating, queue-jumping and gate vaulting.

Speed Lanes

Durable Speed Lane Solutions you can Depend on

Each speed lane is designed using the latest technologies and built using high-quality materials that ensure each unit is reliable and fit for purpose, not only upon installation but for many years to come.

These access control systems will seamlessly fit into any venue or business environment and give you peace of mind that they will improve security without compromising on the aesthetic you have already established.

Speed Lane Installation Service

As well as supplying the highest quality speed lane solutions we also provide a speed lane installation service.

Our team will ensure your access control system is expertly installed and ready to use immediately after installation.

To learn more about our speed lane products and installation services contact our team today.

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