Covid Screens & Sneeze Guards

Protecting your workforce, customers and clients is more important than ever before and our perspex covid screens enable you to provide staff and customers with additional protection against viruses such as COVID-19.

Retail Associates’ range of perspex screen solutions includes checkout guards, plastic barriers, sneeze guards, cough guards and other barriers you may require to help limit the spread of covid and assist with social distancing.

No matter which sector you operate in, we are able to support you through this current situation and beyond with our range of covid perspex screens.

Sectors we work with

We work with any sector that needs our services, however we have particular expertise in the following areas:


including supermarkets, convenience stores, farm shops and high street stores



Medical Centres including Pharmacies


Care Homes

Perspex sneeze guards

We supply a range of flat pack sneeze and cough guards that do not require expert installation.

Each guard comes pre-packed and requires minimal assembly, enabling you to provide additional protection quickly and efficiently.

Our flat pack solutions include:

Industry leading solutions made to last

Our team provide an efficient and safe service, ensuring your screens are installed quickly whilst maintaining social distancing at all times.

Our aim is to assist our customers and clients to help ensure their space is as safe as possible and we have already installed plastic shields in retail spaces throughout the UK.

Perspex screens are not only suitable to provide a degree of protection against COVID-19 and support with the current social distancing measures, but they are also a long-term investment that can help improve the hygiene and safety of your checkout areas, enabling you to safeguard against similar situations in the future.

If you require perspex screens for your retail space or any other location, please contact us today and we’ll be happy to help.