Automatic Sliding Gates

Retail Associates are pleased to introduce automatic gates to help ensure the security of your organisation’s premises. Having control of premises entrance and exit points is an essential part of increasing site security and ensuring the safety of your workforce. Our wide range of automatic security gates is the perfect solution for many sectors, including distribution centres, industrial estates and warehouses. We design automatic metal gates for your business with optional features and custom specifications. Built with an industry-leading commitment to quality, a Retail Associates automatic gate is a great option to secure your premises. 

Our Automatic Security Gate Range

Our top three market-leading automatic gate systems – the SecurePro, SwingPro and SpeedPro can ensure the safety and security of your premises. Our site entrance and driveway gates can be combined with photocell or induction loop safety and close facilities to make the perfect access control solution.

SecurePro – automatic sliding security gate

As the name suggests, the SecurePro sliding gate operates with a cantilever system where the gate slides to open and close. This security gate automation is ideal for locations with insufficient room for a swing gate to open into or out of a space or where higher security is required. Electric sliding gates can be operated manually but are usually automated for ease of use and convenience, particularly larger gates. 

The SecurePro automatic sliding security gate boasts a maximum span of 13 metres. Smooth, reliable and easy to use, we manufacture the SecurePro using steel RHS sections, industrial rollers, proven motor gearbox drive units and state-of-the-art electronics. The SecurePro automatic sliding gate is an excellent addition to your premises, offering options for gate infills, your logo or a standard RAL reference. The state-of-the-art touchscreen display provides a quick and intuitive operation program and fault finding to support the best maintenance of your automatic gate security.

Secure Pro Features

Plug and Play

A Schneider PLC control system and inverter are pre-wired and factory-tested to connect directly to your mains power supply.

Touchscreen Control

An optional touchscreen gives an intuitive display for programming, fault finding and other gate operations. Retail Associates can customise the display with your logo.

Gate Drive

A high-quality inverter-driven gate motor and gearbox ensure reliability, control and almost silent operation.

Design and Aesthetics

Boost your first impression with a graphical gate insert displaying your company logo. Available in a range of designs, including weldmesh, palisade, timber cladding and steel sheets. 


6 x Cat 3 safety edges, twin photocells at different heights, a cabinet-mounted emergency stop button and a flashing beacon/sounder. The SecurePro also has flush-fitted limit detectors and canted-in safety edges at the drive post to minimise trapping hazards. 

SwingPro – automatic/manual swing security gate

Our SwingPro is an automatic or manual swing gate with a maximum span of 14m and a height of 5 metres for pedestrian and vehicular access. The swing gate is supplied with dig-in or bolt-down posts making it ideal where there is plenty of space to open in front of the gate but no extra space to the side. 

Supplied with various control options and manufactured from rectangular hollow sections, our SwingPro Automatic Security Swing Gates incorporate a powerful hydraulic unit or motor gearbox drive with integral manual operation. This ensures that our automatic swing security gates perform consistently and reliably every single time.

SwingPro Features

Heavy Duty Bearing Hinges 

Our swing gates are fitted with high load-bearing hinges. The hinges rotate on the pivot point to minimise the closing up of the gate leaf to the post, enhancing security.

Fixing Options

We can supply swing security gates with dig-in or bolt-down posts.

Automatic Options

A range of drive options includes hydraulic rams, underground drives and heavy-duty above-ground drive units.


Swing gates are powder coated in any standard RAL colour at no additional charge.


6 x Cat. 3 safety edges, twin photocells at different heights, a cabinet-mounted emergency stop button and a flashing beacon/sounder. 

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SpeedPro – bi-fold speed security gate

Our SpeedPro automated gate provides an exceptional security solution with a fast, smooth action. As a bi-folding speed gate with a maximum span of 8 metres, it features a smooth folding bi-folding linkage, enabling swift in and out access. With a closing speed of approx 1 metre per second, it is ideal for high-security sites such as police stations, emergency services and military bases. 

The design incorporates two mechanically connected leaves per side, which swing open together, thus providing a greater speed of operation than other automated gate systems.

The small swing arc needed by the dual gate leaf system allows you to install these gates in situations that would rule out conventional electric gate systems. They are engineered to enable bolt-down fixing to suitable concrete pads and are compatible with all current access control systems.

SpeedPro Features


Bi-folding gates feature a Schneider PLC control system with an inverter, all fitted within the gate post. 


Reliable and almost silent in operation, our 3-phase motor and wormed gearbox drive are usually positioned at ground level, although we can locate drives at high level if required.


The linkage allows the smooth folding of both gate leaves and provides the speed of operation that our bi-folding gates are known for. Leaves retract fully behind the gate post for maximum vehicle clearance.


4 x Cat. 8 safety edges, twin photocells at different heights, a gate post mounted Emergency Stop button and a flashing beacon/sounder.

Automatic Security Gate Installation and Maintenace

Security gates are a significant investment you want to get right first time and be confident you’ve got a professional installation. Electric metal gate systems and electric gate kits are readily available online to be installed by anyone by simply affixing the mechanism to an existing gate. However, there are potential safety risks if an experienced installer doesn’t carry out the work. So invest wisely in safe, high-quality gates which will more than pay off over time. 

We’re proud to offer an expert installation and maintenance service for your automatic gates, ensuring safety and security for your premises from day one. Contact our friendly team today if you want to learn more about our fantastic automatic gate solutions and their installation.

Safety & Quality 

Our automatic gates are the perfect access control solutions for your organisation, offering reliability and almost silent operation. Safety is our top priority throughout the design and manufacturing process, with all powered gates equipped with industry-leading safety systems as standard.

Retail Associate’s automated security gates are CE marked and meet essential health and safety requirements. Additionally, our gate range is designed and engineered to the safety standards in BS EN 12978 and BS EN 12453.

Automatic Security Gates from the experts

Are you working on a project that involves gates, gate automation or access control? Fill out an enquiry form to see how we can help with a free, no-obligation consultation and quote. 

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