Speed Gates

Ensuring the safety and security of your premises is paramount and pedestrian entrance control is the ideal solution. Speed Gates are electronic, optical turnstile gates that allow quick access. They use optical sensors and card reader access to process pedestrian traffic quickly and determine their entry credentials.

Speed gates offer advanced security features that improve your organisation’s safety. They also complement its overall aesthetic, whether it’s a commercial, entertainment or leisure venue.

Our Speed Gate Range

A Retail Associates speed gate provides high security and an obvious deterrent to unauthorised personnel. We can install across a range of applications in attended or unattended sites. The range includes single and double-leafed paddle gates. They provide safe, high-speed, bi-directional pedestrian throughput. Depending on access control, the gates can handle around 25-30 people per minute. They can also show user status and functional pictograms. Users can select from surfaces such as dull, bright or matte stainless steel. They can also customise other features, including the swipe area pattern, door length and height. 

Integrated control system

A state-of-the-art control system monitors the speed gates to identify unauthorised use. It can detect tailgating, passage in the wrong direction or unauthorised entry. It’s compatible with all standard ticket systems and accommodates bidirectional operation. 

Fast, safe and reliable operation

The speed gate paddles or wings are closed in normal mode, opening fast when admittance is authorised. Multiple safety features are built-in to prevent people being trapped when the wings are closing by reopening if movement is detected. Customers can install optional counters; indicator lights are built-in as standard and placed on both sides of the front panels. In an emergency, the paddles open and indicators illuminate green. The built-in UPS battery backup can also activate the gates during power failures.

Durable and long-lasting

The speed gates are constructed from mild or stainless steel, toughened glass or plexiglass. Designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards, each unit delivers a long-lasting and durable performance. 


Speed gates are equipped with photocell user protection. It detects obstacles in the speed lane path and automatically halts movement. In the event of a power loss, the paddle or swing gates can be manually pushed in any direction, ensuring that people can pass in an emergency. Unit operating modes are available to meet the highest fire safety standards.

Wheelchair / Bulky Item Accessibility 

The speed gate range includes models that follow most international disability regulations by incorporating wide speed lane widths.

Fire Alarm Integration 

Customers can link the speed gate unit to their fire alarm system. Engineers can set up this link during installation. Each master cabinet requires a separate normally open contact from the fire alarm panel; when activated, the obstacle will automatically drive open. 

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Speed Gate Installation and Maintenance 

In addition to providing first-class speed gate solutions, we also offer a professional installation and maintenance service. Our expert team installs your access control system. They ensure it is ready for immediate use, providing a quality, hassle-free experience. We also offer comprehensive support services, including planned preventative maintenance contracts, part-only orders and technical support. Our dedicated team is committed to keeping your access control system running smoothly. We aim to minimise downtime and maximise customer satisfaction.

Speed Gates for Offices

Offices need to maintain integrity and security. It’s vital to track and control staff and visitor flow accurately. The gates provide a bi-directional entrance and exit system. This system ensures a secure environment for your premises, eliminating tailgating and unauthorised entry. Additionally, the access control system is designed with an elegant and sophisticated look. This is essential for keeping in step with today’s corporate environment.

Speed Access Control Speed Gates

Our engineers build each unit with reliability and longevity in mind. The speed gates seamlessly integrate into any venue and business environment. Constructed using the latest technologies and quality materials, a speed gate enhances security without compromising your established aesthetics. They include a full range of optional and standard features to suit individual clients’ requirements, such as fire alarms and access control interfaces.

Speed Gates from the experts

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