Checkout Refurbishment

Checkouts are subject to extensive daily wear and tear, and often need more regular upkeep than other store equipment. Retail Associates has many years’ experience in the reactive maintenance and refurbishment of checkouts. This experience has enabled us to develop industry leading techniques and standards that make refurbished checkouts almost like new.

A new lease of life for checkouts

Old and tired checkouts can be given a new lease of life with productivity and efficiency increases through the latest ergonomic layout and design principles. By combining a durable cosmetic upgrade with a component replacement plan, the refurbished checkouts will compete with the equivalent new model at a very attractive cost. Our refurbishment solution may also avoid the capital equipment ‘write down’ cost that is common when replacing checkout banks.

Till refurbishment can be carried out either in our factory or on site overnight to minimise in store disruption. Our use of modern materials to refinish checkouts ensures you receive a first class solution. With innovative design techniques and styled to accept modern EPOS equipment, our refurbished checkouts provide an end product that meets everyone’s expectation level. At Retail Associates we also have the capability to provide multi-site EPOS upgrade roll outs.

Checkout contract cleaning and storage

Recycling Assets – when new checkouts are specified, it may be worth considering storing the old ones for future use. When needed, they can be refurbished to the latest specifications and rolled into a store where budget constraints may not extend to investing in a new checkout.

On Site Deep Cleaning – Over months and years, deposits can build up in difficult to reach places such as below the conveyor belt. Retail Associates can carry out a regular programme of an electromechanical overhaul together with a deep checkout cleaning service, to offer a hygienic solution to these problems using specialist sanitizing equipment.

Helping the environment

At Retail Associates we pride ourselves on working in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner. This has never been more relevant than with the checkout refurbishment solutions that we offer our customers. Refurbishment can avoid the unnecessary disposal of existing units that have simply become outdated.