Are Retail Associates able to offer a nationwide service?

We have always concentrated on developing our business throughout the UK and N Ireland and, in addition we are able to undertake supply and installation work throughout Southern Ireland. Our Project management and installation engineers operate anywhere in the UK and our service and maintenance business is truly nationwide with engineers located throughout the UK and N Ireland.

Are Retail Associates able to provide a truly unique checkout product or just a modification of a standard product?

Retail Associates has a full design and build service through our own team of in-house design engineers. Where possible, to help keep costs to an acceptable level and reduce development times, we will use standard components shared with our standard product range, but we are able to offer a unique product where required.

Do you refurbish and maintain only your own products or can you offer this service on any make of checkout?

Retail Associates has a very long history in this sector of the market and that experience has enabled us to offer all our on-site and factory refurbishment service techniques to cover not only our own products, but all UK and European manufactured checkouts. Irrespective of the manufacturer we are able to source components and undertake full refurbishment works and provide full service & maintenance programmes.

I am not sure what type of checkout will be best in my store.

Retail Associates are able to offer a full on site store survey to recommend a checkout solution for your front end. We can then advise you of the full cost implications for each solution. We will help to provide suitable fittings for your chosen EPOS solution on the checkout and will offer a full range of colour choices and bumper protection.

Do I have to take an extensive maintenance agreement if I want to get my checkouts repaired and what if I have only a few checkouts?

We can offer a full maintenance agreement to cover checkouts for all store locations or simply quote prices for non-contract visits as and when units breakdown. The choice is fully with our customers to enter a service level that is correct and cost effective for their operation. We are happy to discuss your checkout maintenance requirements whether you have 1 checkout or 1,000 checkouts.

Why should I refurbish my checkouts and will they look any different?

The Retail Associates checkout refurbishment business has a long history of providing a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution to extend the life of older, tired checkouts. We can refurbish on-site or in our factory, either way the result can deliver checkouts that are mechanically renewed and cosmetically changed with a result that can be ‘as new standard’ depending on the level of specification chosen. Refurbishment can offer considerable cost savings over new and when completed on site can result in the minimal disturbance to store operation.

I note that you do a lot of work for large chains, do you also deal with sole traders/smaller chains?

Yes we do. A significant proportion of our turnover is achieved in this area.