4 ways you can improve the retail checkout experience

7th August 2019

Whilst the online shopping sector continues to grow, there is still a demand for physical stores. In order to ensure stores with a physical retail space can continue to operate at their optimum level, it’s essential they ensure they are offering customers an experience they cannot have online. Improving the retail checkout experience is one way to encourage repeat visitors to the store and generate repeat customers.

In this blog post, we’ll highlight 4 ways that your business can improve its retail checkout experience.

1. Reduce queues with more efficient checkouts

As a customer, there aren’t many aspects that can frustrate and annoy you quite like having to stand in long queues. This is something a customer won’t have to experience online and so keeping customers flowing through the checkout area is essential to help improve the retail experience and reduce friction in this pivotal part of the shopping experience.

Ensuring your checkouts are fit for purpose and working at their optimum level is key to achieving this, and we have seen first-hand how effective, not only our new checkouts but also existing checkouts that we have refurbished can be.

2. Deploy In-Queue Merchandising (IQM) systems

One thing customers appreciate in a retail space is order and organisation as they shop, and it is no different once they reach the checkout.

We have worked with several clients and retailers to improve their checkout experience by ensuring that they have a well designed IQM system in place. This not only helps keep their waiting customers organised as they approach the checkout area to pay for their products but also helps them maximise their sales and revenue by providing retailers with a space that inspires impulse buys. You can discover our IQM solutions here.

3. Keep your checkout in top condition

A checkout should be a reflection of the whole retail space. Shoppers expect a clean, consistent and easy to navigate retail space, and upon reaching the checkout, they expect to find a fully-functioning checkout area that is on-brand and looks its best.

Many retailers have their checkouts installed and will keep them running until they look too run down to stay in the store, or they break down. Often the first thought of a store owner or manager is that a new checkout is needed. However, we have developed a speciality in providing a deep clean and refurbishment service for old checkouts.

Over an extended period of time, deposits can build up in hard-to-reach places such as below the conveyor belt and so giving your checkouts a health check is a measure that can be taken to improve the hygiene of your checkout area as well as improving its performance.

Our engineers are experts in restoring checkouts to full working order and ensuring they are in optimum condition, saving our clients time and money and helping them maintain their relationship with their customers by providing them with outstanding long-term checkout facilities.

4. Utilise mobile checkouts

Every retailer has peaks and troughs when it comes to customer footfall, but if you want to give your customers the best possible checkout experience, it’s essential you are prepared for those busy periods.

Whether it’s bank holidays, Halloween or the big Christmas shop, customers expect the same levels of service and efficiency at the checkout that they experience throughout the rest of the year.

Our mobile checkouts are specifically designed with this scenario in mind. We have designed them to be easy to manoeuvre and allow retailers a means of quickly increasing the capacity of the checkout area.

Our mobile checkouts are able to be wheeled in and out as and when they are needed, and they can be customised to accept EPOS and telecommunications equipment if need be, ensuring your staff have all the equipment they may be trained to use on permanent checkouts.

They can also be manufactured to remain static, perfect if you have extended periods of footfall, like the summer holidays.

We also work closely with each of our clients when designing and manufacturing our mobile checkouts in order to ensure they are fully on brand and match any existing front end checkouts.

Want to improve your checkout experience?

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