Retail Associates launch high quality metal forecourt bunker

19th September 2018

For many petrol station forecourt operators, finding the right display bunker solution can very challenging.

There are many plastic construction options on the market, but a secure, long-lasting solution is often elusive.

With this in mind, Retail Associates can now provide a high quality, premium, solution that has already been well received by a number of customers.

Their new metal bunker has a number of unique selling points and combines a rigid secure structure with excellent display features.

They are manufactured using ZINTEC for the main body, any raw edges are galv sprayed and they are powder coated. The upper shelf is mild steel and powder coated, whilst the base shelf is stainless steel. The door is aluminium.

With a longer lifespan than a plastic option, the new metal bunker also offers excellent value for money.

To discuss your specific requirements, please contact Retail Associates on 01925 419 109 or email

Image of retail associates metal forecourt bunker