Did you know we supply turnstiles and gates?

17th May 2022

At Retail Associates, we pride ourselves on delivering new and innovative solutions to our clients, which help them elevate their business and keep them at the pinnacle of their sector, which is why we are delighted to announce that we now offer turnstiles and gates in addition to servicing solutions.

With security and loss prevention requirements continually rising. Staff/Visitor access, navigation and asset protection should be at the forefront of most sectors’ requirements. Our product solutions can not only offer safety to their premises but aesthetic in appearance.  Our ranges are suitable for Retail, Leisure, Entertainment, Hospitality and the Public sector.

Our turnstile and gate solutions are an excellent option for those looking to enhance their security measures.

Benefits of turnstiles and gates

Turnstile entrance and exit gates can play an important role within your business and can provide several benefits including:

  • Potential increased revenue by reducing overall security costs
  • Staff and visitor monitoring, ideal for industrial and office premises
  • Options of Integration with Access control systems, memberships, clocking in cards.
  • Long term return on investment and low maintenance costs
  • Staff and customers wellbeing

By installing entrance and exit gates you will be able to ensure that visitors and staff do not gain unauthorised access to specific areas within your building.

Our range of gates and turnstiles include:

  • Full height turnstiles
  • Speed lanes
  • Speed gates
  • Optical swing turnstiles
  • Optical flap turnstiles
  • Tripod turnstiles
  • Pedestrian entrance gates
  • Pedestrian exit gates
  • Automatic entrance gates
  • Much more upon request

Learn more about our end to end turnstile and gate solutions by clicking here.

Entrance Gate and Turnstile Servicing

In addition to our range of turnstile and gate solutions, we are also proud to provide businesses and venues with robust maintenance and servicing solutions.

Our team provide this unrivalled service to a wide range of businesses including gyms, offices, train stations, theatres, arenas, leisure centres and more.

To speak to a member of our team about how we can meet your requirements contact our team today by calling 01925 419 109 or complete our online enquiry form by clicking here.

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