6 things that can help improve the customer retail experience

11th January 2022

While online shopping has grown rapidly over the past few years, there is still a large demand for physical shops, particularly in the retail industry. To ensure that physical shops continue to succeed, it is essential to provide customers with an outstanding experience that they cannot get online. This blog will discuss 6 things that can help improve the customer experience.

Capture the customer’s attention

One of the best ways to improve the customer retail experience is to capture their attention before they have even entered the shop with something that will benefit them, a great way to do this is by using an external swing board to display a funny message or in-store offer. Our swing boards are easy to set up and durable making them perfect for outdoor use, whatever the weather.

Safety signage

The pandemic has created a shift in the way customers purchase their products, with many opting to shop online as they deem it safer. Proper in-store safety signage is a great way to put customers at ease, give them a better shopping experience and encourage them to continue shopping in-store. We offer a vinyl printing service using the latest UV, wide format, digital printing technologies, where we can create cost-effective safety signage including vinyl wall decals, floor decals and window decals.

Secure storage

Many customers want to see your products even before they enter the store, it is important that these products are stored securely and look visually appealing to the customer. The metal forecourt bunker is the ideal solution for secure outdoor storage, it is durable, built to last and a great way to showcase products. As well as this, cigarette drawers are a secure and visually appealing way to store cigarettes and other tobacco products. They allow the customer to conveniently see and choose the products they want, adding to their overall experience.

Convenient checkout experience

Convenience is a major factor in a good customer experience, your customers don’t want to be waiting in long queues to pay for their items. To alleviate long queuing times and avoid customer irritation you should provide them with a convenient checkout experience. We offer a number of checkout solutions for your retail business including our modular kiosk counter, belted checkout counter, static checkout counter and kiosk frontline. Our kiosk frontline is the newest addition to Retail Associates. It comes in 8 colours, looks great and has customisable options to maximise space within your business as well as sales.

Visually appealing displays

Visually appealing displays can play a large part in the customer experience. Our rustic wire baskets provide retailers will a high-quality solution that will be visually appealing to the customer allowing them to make quick and easy decisions about a product.

In queue management system

It is inevitable that sometimes customers will have to queue to pay for their products. However, instead of allowing your customers to feel frustrated about waiting in a queue why not turn that waiting time into shopping time with our in-queue management system. They act as a great queue management system and they can be free-standing or fixed to the floor depending on your retail space.

Above are just some ways you can help improve the customer retail experience. We have a wide range of solutions available and if you would like to see our products in action, we would be happy to arrange a demonstration in our on-site showroom.

To arrange a meeting with our team to discuss your options, please call 01925 419 109 or complete our online enquiry form. If you’re in a hurry and know which of our products you require, you can browse our online shop and purchase our products by clicking here.