Retail Associates turns 25

28th June 2021

We’re proud to be celebrating our 25th year in business this year. Over the last two and a half decades the business has grown rapidly and we now provide unrivalled equipment and services to businesses and organisation in more sectors than ever before.

It’s a very exciting time and we can’t wait to see how the company and industry continues to develop over the coming years.

John Morris who founded Retail Associates said:

“In 1996 we started Retail Associates with a mission to bring the best products and services into the competitive world of food retailers. It’s been hard work and at times a roller coaster ride, but from those humble beginnings has emerged a successful company that today is known for its innovative designs and world-class service. I have been fortunate to work alongside a team of very talented people and much of the success of Retail Associates is down to the hard work of that team.

For the last 2 years the company has been under the control of my son Neil, who as Managing Director has also established an excellent team and they are taking the company forward to even greater success and into new product, areas but still offering great service to customers.

Neil has been part of Retail Associates since the very beginning and has grown with the company. He brings a renewed energy, fresh ideas & strong leadership and we wish him and the company continued success for the next 25 years.”

As John said, our current Managing Director, Neil Morris has been a part of the business ever since it was formed 25 years ago. When discussing the 25 year milestone he said:

“I have worked at Retail Associates since the very beginning and was appointed Managing Director in 2019.  It has been a privilege to work at Retail Associates through the years.  We have been through many changes which the team here took in their stride. 

As a business we have always prided ourselves on our skills, innovation and excellent customer service. This has led us to forge long lasting relationships with many of our customers and our reputation helps us to gain new clients as we move forward.  This success has only been made possible by the skilled and dedicated team we have here at Retail Associates, who are always willing to go the extra mile to complete any challenge they may face.

As we move into the future, as well as serving our existing customers, we are now striving to find new products and services to offer as we expand into different markets. This will be an exciting journey for the business as we move into the next 25 years.”

As both John and Neil have said, it’s been an exciting two and a half decades full of innovation and developments. Check out our infographic below that highlights some of the key dates that have helped Retail Associates rise to become a leader in their field.

Retail Associates 25 Years Timeline Infographic