Checkout Refurbishment

At Retail Associates we have many years’ experience in the refurbishment of checkouts. The experience gained has enabled us to develop industry leading techniques and standards that make today’s refurbished checkouts almost indistinguishable from new.

Whether refurbished in our factory or on site, our use of modern materials to refinish checkouts ensures you receive a first class solution. With innovative design techniques and styled to accept modern EPOS equipment, our refurbished checkouts provide an end product that meets everyone’s expectation level.

Cost-effective checkout upgrades

Old and tired checkouts can be given a new lease of life with productivity and efficiency increases through the latest ergonomic layout and design principles. By combining a durable cosmetic upgrade with a component replacement plan, the refurbished checkouts will compete with the equivalent new model at a very attractive cost. Our refurbishment solution may also avoid a capital equipment ‘write down’.

Any broken or missing ancillary parts can be sourced and replaced by our expert team with the minimum of disruption. We are also able to re-coat exterior checkout panels including items such as bag holders, air tubes and adjoined product displays as well as customer service desks.

Minimal disruption

Refurbishment of your checkouts can take place off premises at our factory or, alternatively, a more cost effective way to do this is in store which minimises transportation and storage costs. In store refurbishment can be carried out overnight by our expert team to reduce disruption within the store environment. We use a quick drying paint product that means the checkouts are fully operational the following morning resulting in no disruption to store staff and no lost revenue.