Why a Kiosk Frontline could be the perfect piece of equipment for your business

19th May 2022

Are you an owner of a convenience store, small supermarket or a petrol forecourt? We’ve got great news, our Kiosk Frontline was designed specifically with you in mind.

Whilst our Kiosk Frontline can be installed in almost any retail space, it excels in smaller retail environments, thanks to its modular design.

Featuring a wooden design and standard choice of 8 colours to choose from (other colours may be requested subject to availability), our kiosk frontlines are both innovative and will be aesthetically inkeeping with your retail space.

Whether you need one or several of our innovative Kiosk Frontline units, we can configure our kiosks to suit your specific needs, whether it be through the layout of the units or with the addition of accessories that help the kiosks meet your specific requirements.

Whilst we understand that aesthetics are important for equipment that will be in full view of your customers, we also recognise that each kiosk frontline unit must be functional.

Our team have worked hard to ensure that our kiosk units not only look great, but they are packed full of customisable options that will help you maximise the space within your premises and also boost sales, such as our kiosk with a built-in merchandiser.

You can view all of our new kiosk frontline design options on our spec sheet.

If you would like to learn more about any of our Kiosk Frontline units, or have a question about the solutions and services we provide, we’d love to talk.

Please give our team a call today on 01925 419 109 or email us at info@retailassociates.co.uk and we’ll be happy to ensure you have a bespoke solution that suits all your requirements.

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